RASPBERRY KETONES review | Are they good supplement for Keto Diet?

Natural compounds contained in raspberry plants that are capable of regulating metabolism the same as capsaicin and synephrine, and are chemically similar to them, are known as raspberry ketone. The reason that raspberries smell so pleasant is also because of the ketones, and they are also used in processed food as a flavoring ingredient. The compound is used in cosmetics to give them a nice aromatic scent.

What you should know importantly is that these compounds have nothing to do with KETOSIS!

The do not trigger ketosis in the body, or do not burn fat in the manner that the body does when we induce natural ketosis in it.

Ketosis is a totally different phenomenon, where the bodu is starved of carbohydrates and adpts to using the fat reserves as well as dietary fats for energy.

These compounds help abate obesity via a completely different mechanism.

Let’s find out how?

How are they linked to weight loss?

It has been proven that people who want to live a healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight can significantly benefit by using raspberry ketone supplements.

After numerous studies with rats, it has been proven that these ketones are fat burners, and this is the reason that raspberry ketone supplements are being widely marketed as an effective weight-loss solution. (NCBI)

What do they contain?

  • The main ingredient that plays the biggest role in making ketones ideal for weight loss and restoration of your body shape is the their enzyme that is extracted from raspberries. Thanks to this enzyme, the supplements offered can induce a high rate of fat burning in your body helping you burning more fat in a relatively short time. The enzyme further reduces the absorption of fats from your diet preventing further weight gain from the time you started using it. This means that you will only be reducing fat in your body and not adding any which in fact is the sole reason behind rapid weight reduction when using raspberry ketones. In addition the enzyme boosts metabolism which also increases burning of fats and calories in the body.
  • The African Mango is another key ingredient that can be found in raspberry ketones diet that will help you get the shape you are longing for. Its major contribution in the supplement concerns enabling one to experience reduced appetite and hunger for food. The African Mango does this by regulating the activities of the Leptin hormone which directly impacts an individual appetite. Due to the presence of components of the African Mango in raspberry ketones, the leptin hormone becomes more sensitive to food making one to feel full fast upon eating less food. This effect is essential in assisting you shape up because most obese people usually have a problem controlling their urge to eat even when they are not really feeling hungry which results in massive weight gain.
  • Additionally ketones are the best supplements to consider using for weight loss because they are made using Green Tea. Green tea in turn is known to have caffeine which is highly useful in boosting body metabolism. With a high metabolism, the body burns more calories influencing weight loss. This is the reason why people who are on raspberry ketones diet and have a habit of drinking coffee may lose weight much faster because the caffeine levels in their body will be doubled and metabolism will be further increased to very high levels. Other methods you can use to ensure that your metabolism is at the skies include drinking iced water and exercising often.
  • The Apple Cider Vinegar found in raspberry ketones is moreover very significant in helping you get in shape. Apple Cider Vinegar is what actually makes raspberry ketones to be said to have detoxifying abilities neutralizing the toxins in one’s body hence boosting metabolism further because toxins usually reduce the body’s metabolic rate. This detoxifying agent in raspberry ketones is also the reason behind reports that the supplement causes a relaxing effect on body vessels because in effect it cleanses the toxins that increase stress levels creating hormonal imbalances thus tension and depression.
  • Lastly raspberry ketones are the outstanding supplements on the market currently because they have zero side effects making them absolutely safe for use by people targeting to lose weight. Unlike many other weight loss supplements, chemicals are not used in producing raspberry ketones supplement products but only natural ingredients hence they are 100% natural.

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Benefits linked to them:

Weight Loss

Over the last five years, raspberry ketones have been linked with weight loss. According to a Life Science study in 2005, ketones are responsible for increasing the breakdown of fat in the human body. A 2008 study also revealed that ketone extracted from raspberries contain certain antioxidants that are similar to those found in synephrine and capsaicin. It is these antioxidants that are believed to help convert fat into energy. It is also thought to increase a person’s energy levels, again helping with weight loss through an increased stamina during exercise. The efficacy of this berry-extracted ketone is believed to double when taken with acai berry and green tea.


A study carried out by Ehime University revealed the possibility that raspberry ketones may be beneficial to females suffering from breast cancer. This is due again to antioxidants, which scientists refer to as anti-cancer agents. While it will not cure cancer, it is believed to improve a female’s chances of surviving cancer following treatment.


The antioxidants contained in raspberry ketones also play a key role in the body’s protection against cell damage and diseases. The supplement encourages the body to release a certain hormone that protects against type-2 diabetes. It can also help reduce the build-up of fatty plaque in the walls of the liver and arteries. This reduces a person’s chances of suffering from serious liver conditions, such as cirrhosis and cancer.

Other Benefits

One of the biggest benefits associated with raspberry ketones is the fact they take very little time to take effect on the body. Taken regularly and combined with an exercise plan and a healthy diet, it has been linked to weight loss and improved health in as little as two weeks, according to a Harvard University study.

In conclusion, it is apparent that adding raspberry ketones into your daily diet regimen can aid in weight loss. Just remember, even though ketones have the potential to burn fat, this does not mean that they can replace regular exercise and a healthy diet.

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